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Director's Message

For complete confidence in our work, it’s crucial to choose a company that fosters workers, thinkers and leaders who work together as a team, meeting clients needs first and foremost.

Here at Completely Taylored, we ensure a more intelligent use of resources in today’s time sensitive world. Keeping an eye on your progress, needs and requirements, we know what’s best for our clients.

With an impressive diverse skill set, we pride ourselves on adhering to your clear expectations and use selective and adaptable strategies to strive toward your business’ success. Make sure you don’t settle for anything less.

‘Let us help you put your puzzle pieces in place!’

Courtney Milne
Managing Director

""The team at Completely Taylored is always responsive to any questions myself or my team have. They keep us informed every step of the way and are always going above and beyond to assist us in all aspects of their business. I have and will continue recommending the team at Completely Taylored. Their support & dedication is like no other and I can rest assured my business is being taken care of by them.""

Steve Lowe

Agent Team

"Court, and her company Completely Taylored, have been with us from the early days, and have supported us through cycles of evolution from start-up, to business, and now to company. Court is known for her resilience to lead, and to work under pressure, always for the benefit of others before herself. Her commitment to her profession and being a knowledge leader in her space is second to none. She is tremendously dependable in times of need, the embodiment of a true partner."

Mick Spencer




Our Clients

Our Clients

Benefits of Outsourcing

The thought of outsourcing can be a scary idea and may feel like you are putting your business at risk with less control over staff, but the benefits far outweigh the negatives, once the decision is made and the working relationship begins your hesitations will cease to exist.

Outsourcing was typically used in business as a cost cutting exercise, but also ensuring that tasks were carried out by industry professionals who may otherwise not be within the core structure of your business. These days it not only about cost savings but about having access to skilled expertise, reducing overheads, flexible staffing, increasing efficiency, reducing turnaround times and eventually generating more profit

Completely Taylored will provide high level support to your business, will allow you savings around superannuation and insurances. You will not have to worry about job sharing if a staff member takes leave or if they phone up sick on the busiest day of the year. Completely Taylored is available 7 days a week inside and outside of work hours.

The decision to outsource to Completely Taylored will provide you with confidence and satisfaction to move forward.

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    Routine and procedures are great, but CREATIVITY in business can be an asset too. OPENNESS to new ideas and ways of doing regular tasks, approaching challenges, and solving problems can enhance creativity and productivity. Even changing up little things like whether you listen to music (and what type), or altering your workspace can have a positive impact.

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